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Sustainability in the UK

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Our London office has a well-established sustainability committee and programme, which is based on minimising our key carbon impacts.

Thanks to the combined efforts of our people, our London office has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for waste, CO2 emissions and water consumption for several years. We are the only UK law firm to have achieved the triple standard in FY2014-2015. The standard is considered the leading certifier of carbon reduction in the UK. Our performance is measured according to three key criteria; carbon footprint measurement, carbon management, and carbon reduction performance. We have been awarded the standard in recognition of the efforts we have made to lower our carbon consumption, and our commitment to future reductions.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our carbon management in London and our focus is on the following areas in particular:

  • Waste management: We manage waste generated by our business as efficiently as possible, and strive to reduce, reuse and recycle waste wherever possible. All our waste types are monitored closely and none of our waste goes into landfill. Our current recycling rate is 85%. The OCS waste team has rated our building, out of all those that they service, as one of the top five buildings in London with a commitment to waste management.

    Our current focus is on reducing food waste, particularly within hospitality. The recent changes we made to our catering booking system have resulted in a 4% reduction in food waste in just a few months.

  • Energy and water consumption: We proactively manage our energy and water consumption in London and are committed to using energy and water efficient utilities wherever possible. We encourage all colleagues to do their bit by powering down equipment.

  • Transport: We promote the use of travel options, or alternatives to travel that minimise our impact on the environment, including video and audio conferencing. We also promote the use of rail over air, and our revised travel policy makes journeying via Eurostar more comfortable.

    Where feasible, we encourage the use of public transport for local travel, and the default option for taxi bookings is a standard green car.

    All of our taxi and executive car service providers are accredited with the ISO14001 standard for environmental management. All bookings made through our principal taxi booking platform, CityFleet CBP, are carbon offset and are managed through a central carbon offsetting programme.

  • Procurement: We take into account the environmental credentials of suppliers when awarding contracts and consider environmentally responsible alternatives to products and services which we procure. In order to continually improve our sustainability performance, we must engage with our supply chain. View the Sustainability Procurement Policy.

  • Internal engagement: We encourage and promote sustainability awareness amongst our staff through information, instruction and training. We communicate our sustainability policy internally and externally and report on our performance against our carbon reduction targets on an annual basis.

    Each year our London office participates in the World Wildlife Fund’s “Earth Hour”, joining millions of people across the globe in raising awareness about climate change by turning off all of our non-essential lights for one hour. The event began in 2007 in Sydney and now sees over 30 million people across more than 4400 cities around the world pledging their commitment to tackling climate change.

  • External engagement: We are founder members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA), an inclusive movement of legal firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to promote sustainable practice across the legal sector.  We are represented on both the leadership and practitioner boards of the LSA and share publicly our carbon footprint via the LSA’s annual report.

  • Clients: We share our environmental policy and objectives with our clients and, where appropriate, encourage our clients to adopt environmental and sustainability strategies.

  • Law and regulation: We comply with all applicable laws and regulation relating to the environment.

  • Review: We review periodically, and, if necessary, revise, our sustainability policy to ensure that it continues to meet the highest best practice standards.

  • Governance: Our London Sustainability Committee is responsible for deciding our sustainability policy, objectives and targets and for ensuring that the necessary organisation and resources exist to facilitate their achievement. It is also the responsibility of each and every London office employee to implement this policy in the practice and live up to its commitments.

Read our global sustainability policy.

Our London sustainability performance.