The Global Infrastructure Hub – Success stories

Video | July 6, 2018 | 02:04

Mark Mosely: The risk matrices was the first leading practice tool that the Global Infrastructure Hub produced and it’s been tremendously well received. The Inter-American Development Bank has offered to translate the entire tool into Spanish, more precisely they’ve offered to pay for it, Norton Rose Fulbright was able through its own offices in Bogota to actually do the translation and similarly the China PPP Centre wanted to have the entire tool – and the tools’ quite a big instrument, it’s quite a big document – and its meant to be used online for that reason, the contents are quite extensive, but China PPP Centre wanted to have the entirety of the tool translated into Chinese, they undertook a draft of that and then the Norton Rose Fulbright Beijing office was able to proof read the draft and make sure that it expressed all of the fairly technical concepts in the tool correctly in Chinese. The tool has been workshopped in a number of locations and has been really well received by the intended users, people in the PPP Units, particularly in the emerging market countries. These workshops have been done in conjunction with Norton Rose Fulbright, so we’ve done one in Bangkok, we did one in Darussalam, we did one in Bogota and there are additional ones being planned.

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