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Fraud alerts

January 2018

Fraudulent emails

Emails have been in circulation purporting to come from an individual who works at Norton Rose Fulbright. These emails come from a bogus derivative of our global email address and we have no involvement with these emails. We operate to a single email naming convention: Any communications which feature a derivative of our global email address are likely to be fraudulent and should not be responded to.

January 2018

Fraudulent invoices

We are aware that invoices and “acquisition closing letters” are in circulation purporting to have been issued by Norton Rose Fulbright. These documents, which are issued on a poor approximation of our letterhead, are bogus.  We have reported the issue to the SRA and to the Police. If you have any concerns regarding invoices or letters that you may have received from Norton Rose Fulbright, please contact or

Fraudulent invoice - Example 

January 2017

Edward Duuk

We are aware that the above-named entity claims to be a subsidiary company of Norton Rose Fulbright and is fraudulently using our website and our address. We can confirm that Norton Rose Fulbright has no relationship whatsoever with Edward Duuk.